So 10.4. Valná hromada - schůze 
Ne 11.4. XX.KlVP Ostrava při NVP Ostrava

Ne18.7. XVIII. SpVP Mladá Boleslav- při NVP Ml.Boleslav

Pá 1.10. SpVP okolí Brna při Světové výstavě psů v ČR
Fb   web

4.4.2020 So - VH klubu - termín posunut na 
13.9.2020 - před výstavou
5.4. 2020 Ne - XIX.KlVP Ostrava - 
termín posunut na
19.7.2020 Ne - XVII. SpVP Mladá Boleslav - termín nezměněn 

So 6.4. Valná Hromada - schůze
Ne 7.4. XVIII. KlVP Ostrava
Ne 14.7. XVI. SpVP Mladá Boleslav

So 7.4.Valná Hromada

Ne 8.4 XVII. KlVP Ostrava
Ne 15.7. XV. SpVP Mladá Boleslav


WDS - Special club show 1.10.2021


29.9. - CACIB Show - Wednesday:  all FCI Groups  - areal BVV Brno
30.9 -3.10. - WDS - Thursday:  I., IV., VI FCI Groups  - areal BVV Brno
                          - Friday: III., VII., VIII. FCI Groups
                          - Saturday : II., X. FCI Groups
                          - Sunday: V., IX. FCI Groups
info about WDS now only here

1.10. Special Club show - Friday - Hungarian shepherd dogs: komondor, kuvasz, pumi, puli, mudi
                                                   - Romanian shepherd dogs: carpatin, mioritic
                                                                                 - nearly Brno
   - judge : Hargitai Gábor, Hungary

!!!! in Czech republic we have special color system - national level !!!
greater chances to win the title CAC / R.CAC / CAJC:
 - Pumi, puli and mudi they go separately in colors
      - pumi - white, grey, black, fako
      - mudi - white, fako, brown, black, blue-merle, ash
      - puli black and other colours - black, others
+ pumi, puli and mudi - have working class (need HWT or some special exams)

CMKU &   Pannonia Klub, z.s. Czech Republic
organized XVIII. Special club show
CAJC, CAC CZ, res. CAC, BOJ, BOS, BOB , with title Special club winner
2.10.2021 during WDS Brno


Registration to : will be soon               
Beginning of the show: will be soon  
Deadline: will be soon  

Entry, info:

Hrachovcová Kamila     on FB - Kamila Puma Hrachovcová       mobile: +420723504319
fb page here
online entry document: will be soon
GPS Location : will be soon

Judge: Hargitai Gábor, Hungary

General provisions
The dog show is organized according to the dog show rules of the FCI and ČMKU. Only dogs entered in FCI-accepted stud books are allowed to take part at the show. Dogs need to have reached the age limit for their class at the day of the show at the latest. Division into classes is according to the FCI Show Regulation and is described in the registration form. In case no copy of a certificate approving the fulfilment of the conditions for entering working class or champion class is attached to the entry form, the dog will be performing in the open class. The organizer of the show is not responsible for any damages caused by the dog or by the exhibitor nor for death or loss of the dog. Dogs with cropped ears are not allowed into the show grounds and will not be judged. Changes in the exterior of a dog performed by means of excessive use of lacquer, powder, hair tinting and basic trimming connected with a long-time tying-up of the dog on a table are forbidden on the show. The violation of these rules can lead to disqualification of the dog. The exhibitors are obliged to abide with the provisions of the FCI Show Regulations, of these propositions and the instructions of the Show Committee, to which they bind themselves by submitting the entry form. They are also obliged to maintain the exhibition area clean. In case the show does not take place for objective reasons, the fees will be used for covering the expenses connected to the show´s preparation. It is forbidden to bring puppies for the purpose of sale to the show. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for undelivered applications. Documents submitted after the entry deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Veterinary provisions

- All participating dogs must be clinically healthy.
- Dogs do not need a certificate of clinical health examination.
- Dogs that have not been check by veterinary check-in on entry cannot participate at the show.
- Dogs must have a passport for small animals (EU pet passport) or a vaccination passport containing a record showing that the dog was vaccinated for rabies 21 days to 1 year before the show, and is immunne against canine distemper, parvovirosis and leptospirosis. Dogs arriving from EU member states and from third countries must have a valid EU pet passport and must fulfil the conditions laid down by the EU Regulation 998/2003of26/5/2003
- The owners should take measures ensuring that no violence among animals and people erupts

Instructions for filling in entry forms

Entry forms can only be filled in and submitted online, see above.

Incorrectly submitted forms are the submitter´s responsibility. Every submission needs to include a photocopy of both sides of the birth certificate. Incorrectly filled-in submissions will not be accepted.

Please include the original register number for imported dogs.

Dog can only be in one class. If your entry hasn´t been accepted, please contact us about the reason why.

!!Warning !!!!

- pumi – entry must state the original (pedigree) colour ( black, white, grey, fako, white)

- mudi - entry must state the original (pedigree) colour (black, white, brown, fako, blue merle or ashen)

- puli black and other colours - entry must state the original (pedigree) colour (black, Black with few rusty coloured or grey shadings, Fawn with a distinct black mask, Grey in any shade)


Any protest against any the decision made by the judges is not admissible. A protest can be submitted for formal reasons such as violation of show regulation provisions and proposition provisions. The protest must be submitted in written form, with a deposit of 45 Euro, during the course of the show. If the protest is found to be unjustified, this deposit will be forfeited to the organiser of the show.

Special club winner

final show –the most beautiful baby of the show, the most beautiful puppy of the show, the most beautiful junior of the show, the most beautiful veteran of show, the most beautiful dog of show, the best pair of the show, the best breeding group of the show

What you need for the show

θ pedigree of the dog (if you want written results for the pedigree)
θ passport + vaccination list - Rabies

Payment info: will be soon

1st dog + catalogue -
2nd dog and next dogs (without catalogue, must belong to the same owner as the 1st dog )
puppy, youth, veteran (can’t be considered the 1st dog)
shows – couple, pair –


2800593894/2010 Fio Banka

IBAN : CZ7520100000002800593894